Jubilee Church Denver Metro Spirit Filled Revival

Birth - 5 years

You will find nursery rooms for infants through Pre-K with staff and volunteers who have a heart for children. We also offer a nursing mother’s room, at the back of our auditorium for the little ones who aren't quite ready for a nursery.

Each service includes age appropriate curriculum-based activities and/or crafts, interactive worship with fun songs and dancing, creative Bible stories told through live teachers and/or media.

K-2nd Grade

Contagious energy is exactly what you’ll find walking into our Kindergarten – 2nd grade environments. We have games, a Biblically-based lesson that grabs your child’s attention, catchy songs, and fun activities that will keep them engaged and joy-filled all service.

Your child will learn how to experience life in Jesus even at this young age with tools to use as they grow.

Jubilee Church Denver Metro Spirit Filled Revival

3rd-5th Grade

During these elementary years, kids want to have fun and find a place to belong. In our 3rd-5th grade environment, your kids will be able to connect and do activities with other kids while building relationships with them as well as adults who are invested in their future and faith.

They’ll experience a Bible lesson that helps them know what it means to live for Jesus in a real-life way. They’ll also enjoy fun games and songs that go along with the weekly lessons.


We can’t wait to meet your family and spend some time with you! At your first check-in, we will collect names, ages, allergies, phone number, etc at our First Time Guest’s checkin station. Once we have registered your family, you will download our check in app for future visit check-ins. You do not need to attend the same service time every weekend, although attending the same service time does aid in the child building relationships with our teams.

JKids services are offered every time an adult service is offered. 

Things to Know

We think about safety all the time. From our team to the environments, we take this seriously.


All Jubilee team members have completed a nation-wide background check and training for their specific area. We also have a security person who continually monitors our environments throughout the entire service.


All JKids classrooms, toys and supplies are cleaned and sterilized before, during and after all services.


We have a check-in system through Planning Center where each child receives their own name tag with any allergies listed, as well as a randomly selected number each weekend. Parents also receive a tag with the same number, that will be required to show the class volunteer upon pick up.


Should your child need you at any time during the service, we will text the number that is in our system to alert you to come to their room.


We believe that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences. Jubilee wants to partner with parents to lead their children to experience life in Jesus. Please download the Parent Cue app for ways to further the weekly lessons your child(ren) experience on the weekend.

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