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New Early Orthodontics (“NEO”) is an early childhood dental treatment center in Lone Tree, Colorado that offers preventative orthodontic care specifically geared toward pediatric patients between the ages of three and ten years old.

While traditional orthodontists typically wait to begin seeing children until they are 10-12 years old, the delay in treatment results in many of them experiencing upper and lower jaws that are overcrowded and not aligned which often requires extractions or other surgeries and usually guarantees the need for braces. With NEO’s early treatment (while children’s facial structures and jaws are still growing), the results are staggering!

What makes NEO so special? It’s our proprietary and revolutionary treatment program that begins to treat patients as young as three years old to ensure that their mouths and skeletal structures form properly. By proactively making space for teeth to come in where they are supposed to, young patients are able to minimize or even completely eliminate the need for painful extractions and braces once they near adolescence. In addition to the obvious cosmetic benefit, the NEO system plays a key role in a number of childhood health-related issues as well.

Using NEO’s proprietary system, approximately 85% of patients achieve properly-aligned teeth for about half the price of traditional braces – all without ever wearing braces! Of the remaining 15% who do wear braces for a period of time, the total cost is guaranteed to not exceed the total cost of traditional orthodontic treatment.

NEO, which owns exclusive rights to this clinical design and treatment system, is the first and only company offering this unique model and is poised to change the orthodontics industry as we know it.

NEO is now franchising this concept throughout the U.S.

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Carolyn Miller