Hands of Mercy Ministries

Hands Of Mercy Ministries (HOMM) was established in 2008 by Saby and Rebecca Thomas with the vision of bringing God’s love to the unreached and hope to the underserved of India. After seeing the great need in India, HOMM started the following ministries: Orphanages, Caring for Widows, Disabled Home, Medical Care, Education Centers, Leprosy Ministry, Bible Training Centers, Church Planting and Short-Term Missions.

Jeff & Nicky Reetz

Jeff and Nicky Reetz serve with Afrika Wa Yesu in the southern African nation of Mozambique. Started under a tree in the remote Inhaminga region by Rod and Ellie Hein, Afrika Wa Yesu equips and trains Mozambican men and women for church planting, evangelism, and practical skills through their Bible Schools and Vocational Training Center.

Dan Baumann

Dan Baumann has been serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for more than 30 years and is currently based at YWAM in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. Dan spends half the year traveling and teaching in YWAM, churches, and universities all over the world. He spends the rest of his time teaching and working with young people in YWAM’s Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) at the Kailua-Kona base. His passion is to see a generation of people discover who Jesus is and help and encourage them to walk with Him in every area of their life. Dan has written three books including one about his time being imprisoned in Iran.

Charlynne Boddie

Charlynne Boddie is a missionary and evangelist based in the United Kingdom. Charlynne brings her vast experience as a professional journalist, author, and media consultant to her ministry to the local church around the world. Charlynne teaches courses and seminars designed to bless, encourage, and make stronger and more committed disciples of Jesus. Charlynne is an author of two books. Her first book, True Grid – Discovering God’s Custom-Designed Blueprint For You and No Appointments Necessary: Adventures From A Missionary Road Less Traveled are available online or through personal request.

Paul & Susi Childers

Paul and Susi Childers have a world-wide ministry with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and are based in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. Paul is the Campus Director at YWAM’s University of the Nations campus strategically located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Paul and Susi are sought after speakers on their topics of expertise and have founded or co-founded several ministries including Word By Heart, A Voice for the Voiceless, and PhotoGenX.

Rich & Michelle Franzen

Rich and Michelle Franzen launched Impact Africa in 2004 with a passion to help ease the suffering of the African continent, where 68% of the worlds HIV/AIDs population resides. Impact Africa is a multifaceted ministry focused on communities living in squatter camps on the periphery of Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city. Since Impact Africa’s conception, fives areas of focus have emerged: Impact Kids Preschool, The Impact Baby Rescue, Impact Mission Adventures, Impact Students, and the Missions Experience Program. These different branches of Impact Africa were all created to help those in the poorest communities and address South Africa’s most devastating issues.

Larry Goode

Larry Goode established The Lost Children of Peru after seeing the dire need of the poor and orphan in this amazing South American nation. Community Centers are the centerpiece of The Lost Children of Peru’s ministry to provide a safe environment where children and young people can find hope and connection by having basic needs met, experiencing God’s love, and by having Peruvian role models come alongside them to equip them for a better future of hope and restoration.

Garo & Jordania Nargiz

Garo and Jordania along with their children Eben and Jordan are missionaries to the South American nation of Brazil. Garo serves as the National Director for University Ministries and leads a multi-campus ministry impacting students from across the nation. Jordania is the founding director of PINK, Women with a Purpose, a ministry that is reaching unchurched women for Christ. Garo and Jordania are responsible for training and mentoring Pastors and other leaders across Brazil who are impacting the multitudes. Their ministry extends from urban city transformation to interior jungles and indigenous people groups. Garo is a gifted worship leader and author and Jordania is a highly sought after and anointed women’s speaker and influencer.

Eric & Rachel Dufour

Eric and Rachel Dufour are prominent counselors and international speakers and passionately believe in healthy marriages and healthy families and healthy servants of God. Their ministry, Serving Alongside Ministry (SAM) uses strategically located retreat centers around the world to provide week-long intensive marriage counseling sessions for pastors and missionaries who have dedicated their lives to growing the Kingdom of God. Eric and Rachel speak all around the world with a particular focus in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Rachel is an author and her first book is a guide to women’s sexuality from a Biblical perspective.

Bob & Kathleen Gabelman

Bob and Kathleen have been serving at Victorious Christian Harvesters (VCH) with its founders David and Donna Blanchard since early 2004. Bob is Director of Missions and is responsible for planning, coordinating and leading mission trips throughout the nations of Mexico, El Salvador and Cuba as well as their leading their US internship and Missionary Training Program. Since its founding, VCH has distributed more than 1.6 million Bibles and New Testaments and have seen more than 1.2 million souls saved.

Paul & Naomi

After spending nearly 30 years with a missions organization originally started by Hudson Taylor, Paul and Naomi established Radiant International to provide Member Care, direction, and support for the growth and health of missionaries in the Chinese Missionary Movement in the least reached countries of the 10/40 Window (Chinese missionaries to countries in the 10/40 window outside of China). They provide personal mentoring and missionary care to these missionaries in the areas of marital counseling, spiritual nurturing, vision casting, team development, conflict resolution, and ministry planning to improve the effectiveness of the Chinese Missionary Movement.

Rodney & Rhodes Gephart

Rodney and Rhodes are missionaries on the Island of Hispaniola with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). In their daily ministry, they serve in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Their mission is to create opportunities for people groups from both countries to serve each other to see Dominicans advancing God’s Kingdom in Haiti, and Haitians advancing it in the Dominican Republic. They accomplish this through a variety of ministries including children’s ministry, sports and arts, prayer, radio, English instruction, mentoring, and a unique wedding ministry.

HEART in Kenya

HEART is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering the people of Africa to Survive and Thrive beyond the HIV/AIDS pandemic through facilitating integrated collaborative projects such as: Prevention education messages combating the spread of HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, and Typhoid; developing economic infrastructure, gender equality, leadership development, and building capacity for good governance and by working closely with local leaders (teachers, pastors, chiefs etc.) in establishing “Community Based Organizations” (CBO) at the grass roots level. HEART assists these CBO’s to launch sustainable micro-enterprise projects which empower those affected by HIV/AIDS to care for themselves, and the orphaned and vulnerable children of their families and villages. The ministry provides hope and empowerment to over 100,000 people in Kenya through their innovative projects including WEEP (Women’s Equality and Empowerment Project), Freedom For Girls, and Kids For School. Vickie Winkler is the Executive Director and founded HEART in the year 2000.

Brian and Lori Lindsey

Brian and Lori Lindsey are missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Network for Strategic Initiatives. Based in a strategic location in Southeast Asia with easier access to many Asian countries, they provide humanitarian support and teach and train workers to reach their own nations with the Gospel in the 10/40 Window.

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