The Mexico trip will be fulfilling and excidng for you and your family. It is a 5-day journey where you will cry, laugh, work, share, and build deep reladonships with team members and families in Mexico. We will build homes for the poorest of the poor. You will work with needy families and share the love of God. We will have great food, housing, fellowship, beach dme, and lots of tacos. By pardcipadng in a Home of Hope build, you can make a lasdng difference, not only in the life of a family but in the lives of your group and your own family. We will partner with Youth with a Mission and Homes of Hope. Families are welcome.

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October 25th – November 8th, 2023

Info Meeting

March 5th, 2023
1 PM – 3 PM at Jubilee


$4,800 per person
(Visa fee not included in this amount)