Eric & Rachel Dufour

Eric and Rachel Dufour, prominent counselors and international speakers, passionately believe in healthy marriages, healthy families and healthy servants of God.

As they began their church planting ministry in France in 1991, they focused on women in distress and drug addicts. In 2000, they and their five young sons left the safety of their passport country to answer the call of the great commission in a communist country in southeast Asia.  Serving God on the mission field was very challenging but He used their painful journey, through a life-threatening cancer and the depression that ensued, to shape their ministry.

In 2008, the focus of the Dufour’s ministry changed.  They moved to Colorado and began offering comprehensive marriage counseling to pastors and missionaries from all over the globe.  Serving Alongside Ministry (SAM), the organization they founded, uses strategically located retreat centers all around the world to provide week-long, intensive marriage counseling sessions for those who have dedicated their lives to growing the kingdom of God.

Eric and Rachel also frequently speak at pastor and missionary conferences in America, Europe and Asia.  SAM also purposes to aid in the prevention of distressed marriages with their video series “40 Days to a Successful Marriage.”  Encouragement via their writing can be found at and also  Rachel’s first book, a guide to women’s sexuality from a biblical perspective, will hopefully be available for purchase in the next year.

Eric has a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and International Organization’s Administration from the University of Paris XI and I.I. A.P. France. Eric and Rachel are ordained Pastors. They are both currently working on their Doctor of Ministry in Counseling with Vision International University in Ramona, California.  Eric and Rachel currently reside in Parker, CO. They got married in 1991 and have raised five sons.