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I started Antero Automotive in 2008 with a vision of making a difference in the automotive industry.

I grew up taking things apart and (sometimes) putting them back together just to see how thew worked. My first job was at the Highlands Ranch Recreation Center maintaining and repairing all of the gym and nautilus equipment. After I graduated, I moved to Goodland, Kansas to attend the automotive master program at Northwest Kansas Technical School. After about 2 years, I became homesick and moved back to Denver. I graduated the automotive and diesel master program at Denver Automotive and Diesel College shortly after I turned 21. Throughout my schooling, I worked as an apprentice at a diesel shop and learned from some of the best technicians. After graduating, I went to work for my step-father as his lead technician. He left the business he was working for to start up his own and that opened the door for me to take over. So, at a young age I threw myself into the land of ownership. I learned right away that taking care of customers and being empathetic to their problems and concerns should be my top priorities.

After realizing that the situation with the property owner was less than ideal, I began pursuing other options. I was approached by a locally owned automotive chain to manage a location on the west side of town. With the birth of my first son rapidly approaching, I jumped at the opportunity to have medical benefits, 401k and paid time off! I ran two different successful locations over the course of 4 years with them. I knew, however, that I had a calling to start my own shop from scratch. By this point, I had real world experience, corporate training and a whole bunch of tools to work with.

In October of 2008 I took the leap of faith and signed the lease on a building located just to the south of the DTC. I had a family friend that was willing to loan me some money to get my business of the ground. I unlocked the front door, turned on the lights and never looked back. Antero Automotive now employs 10 people, 5 of them ASE Master Certified Technicians. I offer medical benefits, paid time off and a matching 401k program.

God has done amazing things in my life and for my business. I am married to a wonderful, supportive wife and have 4 amazing children. Through the almost 9 years in business, I have tried many things. I have learned that by forcing something to happen, it will come but at a cost. Within the last year, I have focused on turning my business over to God and realizing that, even though I have put in the hours, He is the reason for my success.

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Andrew Emery