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Are you at a point in life where you need a coach to come alongside you to figure which direction to go for next phase of your life? Where are you in the seasons of change? Imagine summer, fall, winter, and spring, do you see yourself in summer where you are in full bloom; walking in God’s full purpose for your life? Are you going through a loss of a loved one, divorce, and an empty nest? All these difficult times can create a sense of loss and lack of direction. Are you in winter where there is a lack of drive to get out of bed; not sure where God is leading you? Or maybe you are somewhere in between those seasons.

In any of those scenarios, my passion is to help redefine your God-given purpose, to guide you through some assessments, to partner with you with your goals, and to lead you to God’s truth about who you are in Him. I also incorporate outdoor activities into the sessions where I find the outdoors help bring us connected to God.

Wouldn’t you want more than just mediocre? Let us explore God’s best for you and let’s equipt you to be the best version of you for your loved ones and  for the body of Christ!

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Victoria Randolph