Jeff & Nicky Reetz

Jeff and Nicky Reetz have been part of Afrika wa Yesu Ministries since 2000. Two bible schools, one in central Mozambique in the ministry base in Inhaminga and one in the northern city of Nacala Porto, provide six (6) months intensive training for men and women to experience Jesus through the study of the Word.  These Training Centers give balanced teaching from the Word of God, establishing a firm foundation built on biblical truth. Students discover their identity and destiny in Christ while being equipped to make a difference in their own area of influence. Through liberated praise and worship, prayer and intercession and hands on practical ministry they are trained to go and make disciples.

All students and team members participate in practical ministry during week-ends and outreach missions. What they learn in the classroom they put into action. The work of the ministry is to win souls, teach people to pray, praise, worship and love God, preach, lay hands on the sick and see them recover, cast out demons and set the captive free.

Alumni students recommended by team and leaders will be attending the cutting edge new training, “New Generation Leadership”.  This five month training will grow up new energetic visionaries as the future legacy of Afrika Wa Yesu.

Jeff and Nicky are both ordained Pastors by Jubilee Fellowship Church.