This testimony is from one of our Missionaries. We see so many creative miracles here in the UK for those who desperately need God’s healing touch.  The first healing miracle in my ministry happened when a lady missing two fingers came forward for prayer.  Her hands were bandaged so I wrongly assumed she was a burn victim.  She had actually fallen through a plate glass window and the top part of two fingers had been sliced off.  Her priest asked if I could do a healing service.  I told the priest that I could not but that Jesus could.  So when the lady with the bandaged hands came forward for healing prayer, I prayed over her in the name of Jesus and a few hours later, she experienced a burning sensation in her hands and asked her husband to unwrap the gauze on her hands.  When her husband unwrapped her hands, she said her hands were on fire and together they watched the missing parts of HER FINGERS GROW BACK on her hands.  The fun thing about this testimony is that the lady who got healed had only been saved for eight days AND her last name is Pentecost!!  That began a revival in that village and the priest asked me to come back immediately and begin to teach the people about Who the Person of the Holy Spirit is.