This testimony is from one of our Pastors. God brought us financial breakthrough! My wife and I heard from the Lord and committed to making a fairly large and sacrificial donation to the legacy campaign. My wife is currently taking an infusion twice a year that costs about 10k per dose. With insurance we essentially hit our out of pocket maximum at the beginning of every year and feel like we’ll always be in debt because of this medicine. We received an email that She was due for her next infusion in February and that they would be doubling her dose, and doubling the price!  So after a couple phone calls (one where we were told that insurance wouldn’t cover the medicine and that we may need to pay the full amount) we eventually found out we’d be charged our out of pocket max and we were prepared for that but it’s still a pretty big financial burden to us. In the email Her doctor also let us know about a copay reimbursement program that the company who produces her medicine just started and we decided to try and apply for that. Long story short, we got approved for the reimbursement program for up to $25K per calendar year! That effectively knocks out our copay entirely and we’ll be paying ZERO dollars for Her infusion! We’re believing the lord for full 100% healing in her body but we are so thankful for the financial breakthrough in the meantime!

Praise God!