This testimony is from our Weekend Service. Last Sunday I stopped by First Five after church. After visiting with one of the pastors, he asked me if he could pray for me. I had been seeing an Optometrist who was concerned for my eyes. I have been experiencing discomfort wearing my contacts, dry eyes, droopy eye lids, and puffiness around my eyes. She was also wanting to test possible issues with my Optic nerves. My appointment with the Ophthalmologist was Wednesday morning and my daughter was my driver. After examination, the doctor turned to me and said, no surgery was needed, and my Optic nerves looked normal.
She scheduled a follow-up appointment for January. I believe God healed my eyes! God has comforted me this week and reassured me that I am His! He is close and never leaves me. I have experienced His peace this week and knew before the appointment all was well. My daughter was quiet, but took everything in. She was also touched by the Doctor’s good report. Praise God!