We invite you to join a team will be afforded the opportunity to see some of the most historic landmarks and cities in human history, including: the Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Sinai, & Alexandria. These cities and historic landmarks have great importance within our Bible and throughout human history. Along with visiting these amazing tourist attractions, we will be experiencing cultural immersion with respect and understanding of the Egyptian and Muslim cultures, building relationships, and crossing some major barriers. We will be able to partner alongside our brothers & sisters in Christ in Egypt, as well as sharing the Gospel to communities that are in opposition to the Bible and Christ’s teachings. Please join us on this wonderful journey that will leave your life changed.

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Where: Egypt, North Africa
When: September 2nd-13th, 2023, dates subject to change +/- one day.
Cost: $3,950
Who: This trip welcomes all adults, ages 18 and above. There will be limited availability, so each application will be handled on an individual basis.

About our Partner: Nile River Connections is a Cross-Cultural travel network. These travel experiences focus on traditional communities who have diverse customs, art, and distinct social practices, and so distinguish it from other cultures. This type of travel covers both major cities (with historic value) and rural areas, where one can interact with the traditions of indigenous cultural communities, their values, and lifestyles. Through this, we hope to build bridges between faiths, cultures, and the different strata in society, facilitating and building understanding between people and working towards a peaceful future.

Contact: Johnathan Merle (Global Missions Pastor) David Leach (Associate Missions Pastor) Informational Meeting: Please join us on November 13, 2022 at 12:00 PM after service.


September 2nd – 13th, 2023

Info Meeting

November 13th, 2022
12PM after service at Jubilee


$3,950 per person