Jubilee is a place where you can discover and recover the promises of God.

We are many campuses under one church. Here at Jubilee Fellowship Church, we believe in not just having one type of “flavor,” and that’s why we offer many different campuses to attend. We think coming to Jubilee could easily become your family’s favorite weekly experience. What could be more fun than loving people and learning about the great things God has for your life?

Our weekend service is a place where you get to come and experience Jesus. It begins with a praise set up front with songs that are about God and our love for him. We then go into a time of offering and welcome. We believe that this shouldn’t be the main highlight of your church experience and want to focus on connecting with God. A message by one of our pastors is given within the series that we are going through. It’s always a bible based teaching that is applicable to your life today. We conclude our service with a chance for you to connect with God through worship, prayer, and the crosses. We want you to be able to apply what God has spoken to you in the service.

No matter what walk of life you are coming from, or the present circumstances you may be facing, you can know one thing for sure; God loves you more than you could possibly fathom. God doesn’t change your past, he alters your future. He desires to know you and bless you throughout your life.

As Jubilee Fellowship Church has grown, we have decided to add on campuses to best reach our communities. We desire to reach the maximum number of people for the kingdom. Each campus has its own leadership team and worship time, while the message is generally broadcast via satellite to each campus from our main campus at Lone Tree. We are one church, many locations. We encourage you to try each one out, to see what best fits you and your family.

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© 2018 Jubilee Fellowship Church
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