Jubilee is a place where you can discover and recover the promises of God.

Our story began in 1998, under the leading of Pastor John and his wife, Chris. Pastor John and Chris, with their five children, left a wonderful church in Northern Colorado to begin their new exciting journey in the South Denver area. The story began with a vision and heart that came out of Leviticus 25, which records the time of Jubilee. It was a season when slaves were set free, debts were forgiven, and the blessings of God abounded. It is the very reference Jesus spoke of in Luke 4:19, when he proclaimed Jubilee, or the time of God’s favor. This is when salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound.

In the Fall of 1998, Jubilee began its journey at Cougar Run Elementary School. We quickly outgrew the facility and moved into a storefront in the Littleton area. Again, our church grew rapidly and had to relocate. By the time we were leaving the storefront building, the church was having five live services each weekend. In the Spring of 2004, we were blessed enough to have our building project completed and the Lone Tree Campus was birthed. Pastor John and Chris Leach, with their executive staff, felt the next step in growth was to plant churches through various campuses. The church continued to grow and they saw this as the opportunity to reach the maximum number of people with The Gospel. Out of the vision came several campuses and some which have become their own churches. Jubilee also reaches an international audience, with our Online Campus.

We want every person who walks through the doors of Jubilee or attends online to feel something special and unique like no other place on Earth because that’s how Jesus wants you to feel. We are a family centered community and offer a place for everyone. We most importantly want you to feel welcomed and that you belong here.

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© 2019 Jubilee Fellowship Church
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