This testimony is from Jubilee Student Ministries. A high school girl was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease three and a half years ago. She was constantly using crutches and a wheelchair and was even facing possible amputation of both legs. She was told that she would never walk again. A few months later, she learned of holes in her stomach because of all the medications she had to take. About five months ago she started having some issues with her heart where it would randomly stop and cause a lot of pain and then resume. Because of all this, she struggled with suicidal thoughts and self harming.

She came to youth group one night and was at rock bottom emotionally and physically and at youth they showed a video of other people who had hit rock bottom and then came back because of Jesus Christ. During that night, one of our leaders prayed for her during ministry time.

The next morning she had a doctor’s appointment to check on everything, and she walked out of the doctors office with news she never thought she would hear.

She was healed. Her blood levels were outstanding and almost perfect. Her pain was gone. She had a normal heartbeat. Her body started producing some of its own serotonin again. Everything was gone. She was completely healed. She has started eating three meals a day and snacks again for the first time in years. And her mom said that she noticed a change in her emotionally and that this is the real her.


Praise God!